The Cumberland Telephone Company has a service and staff that is unlike any other. Affordable prices make their service the popular choice in Cumberland and the surrounding area. They have a team of dedicated employees to help provide telephone and internet services. If you are looking for a reliable internet provider with a courteous, knowledgeable staff the Cumberland Telephone Company is the provider for you!

Vickie Adams, Office Manager

Devan Amdor

Devan Amdor, General Manager

Jeremy Hall

Jermey Hall,  Technician

Julie Brown

Julie Brown, Administrative Assistant


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1897- The Briscoe-Cumberland Telephone Company was organized. Briscoe was a small Adams County coal mining community located 8 1/2 miles south of Cumberland in Cass County.

1906- There were two switchboards in Cumberland  known as the north and south switchboards, each being independent of the other.

1908- Both switchboards were consolidated and housed upstairs in the Dr. Adam Weaver building.

1924- A new brick building was constructed with living quarters in the rear for night operators, the Telephone Company is still housed in this building.

1957- The Briscoe-Cumberland Mutual Telephone Company was signed over to the Cumberland Telephone Company in December.

1958- The Cumberland Telephone Company becomes incorporated, and changes over to a dial system.

1960- A new cement block building was constructed to house the updated dial system.

1967- A new plant is installed with all lines put underground. New touch-tone phones were also installed at this time. Cumberland has the distinction of having the first one party touch- tone phone system in the state of Iowa.

1977- The Cumberland Telephone Company put into operation the only mobile system in Cass County at that time.

1987- On October 26 The Cumberland Telephone Company made the change to an all new electronic digital switch, thus providing equal access to all long distance carriers upon request. Call forwarding, call waiting, and speed call are provided to all customers at no extra charge. The fire bar was increased to thrity positions, which include the homes of rural firemen.

1995- The Fire Bar is turned off and Enhanced 911 was turned up.

1996- The mobile system was turned off. In March wide area calling to Massena was installed.

1997- In October the Switch was upgraded with new features for the customers such as; caller ID, *69, call waiting call ID , and many more.

2000- Dial Up Internet was introduced in April, and in June DSL High Speed Internet was installed.

2005- In November wide area calling to Anita was installed, and in June Wireless High Speed Internet was turned up.

2011- A new switch was installed along with a new power rectifier in January.

2012- In July the wireless internet was upgraded and a licensed frequency was approved by the FCC. New equipment was installed at both tower sites and in their customer’s homes.

2015- A project to install fiber optics in the Cumberland exchange began.

2017- The Fiber-to-Home Project is complete; offering faster speeds and a more reliable connection.

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Cumberland (1965) Telephone Directory