Walk Forever Free

Walk Forever Free, led by Barry Jurgensen, made their way through Cumberland on Monday, June 6th, this week. We made them dinner, and listened to their story and exactly what they were raising awareness for.

They are a small group of five walking 500 miles from Nebraska City, NE to Chicago, IL along the underground railroad route to raise awareness for modern day slavery, or human trafficking as many of you may know it. You can see updates of where they are and who they have met here: https://www.facebook.com/Walk-Forever-Free-1641964252724402/

They are raising money for the Frederick Douglass Family Initiative, an abolitionist organization who raises awareness for modern day slavery. You can find more information on this organization here: http://www.fdfi.org/
Here are some articles written about them since June 1st:
And an exciting article written by the Des Moines Register: